If you have a purpose in life or if you have a destination to reach in life then be ready for a lot of destructions because in life,you will face alot of enemies ; people who’ll try to take you down and make you feel you’re not worth it.But it is always best if you […]

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Although people kept telling me i am different, i never really felt the difference in me. Or should i just say i never wanted to feel the difference that i bring into this world, because i guess i looked at it from the surface; but the truth is you will never see that difference from […]

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Its a matter of time

Time is one thing in this world that people tend to sideline a lot,whereas it has a lot to bring on the table.Because the thing with people is that if it doesn’t help you or make itsself useful to you directly then you think its not helping at all,and that is not supposed to be […]

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